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Over the years we have provided support and materials to thousands of customers. Below is just a few examples of the projects we are proud to say we have been involved in

The Walled City of Derry is one of the most complete in the British isles and the only complete Walled City in Ireland. Given its unique status, it was designated by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board in 2004 as one of the five Signature Tourism Projects for Northern Ireland, the pupose of which was to create a world class visitor experience at a unique tourist destination.


In conjunction with local contractors, we were able to meet the demands to supply on time, all electrical materials ie. cabling, lighting etc. needed to complete this immense project.

The Playhouse is based in Artillery Street and was established in 1992. Since then it has grown to become one of Irelands leading multi-disciplinary Community Art Resource Centres. As part of the, Built Heritage Programme, this building was selected for financial support, as one of the most historical buildings within the walls.


With great detail and planning, alongside the contractor on site, We were able to provide all the required lighting and materials needed to complete the project. Leaving a beautifully rejeuvinated building.

The Guildhall is one of the best know landmarks in L/Derry and has been at the heart of city life since 1890. A Major £9.5m restoration of the Guildhall has just been completed. The building now provides a central hub for tourists visiting the city.


As the building had to be closed during its restoration, the ability to be able to supply materials at quick notice became very important, so that the deadline for the opening date could be met, but as service and stock have been key to our success over the years this proved not a problem.

The City Hotel is one of the busiest hotels in Derry and as such, the hotel has an extremely busy maintenance schedule. We help to provide this 4 star location with all its maintenance and renovation needs.


The technical support from our own staff, coupled with the information given to us by the hotels maintenance staff, help us to provide the right materials for every job.

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